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BIDE is focused on creating awareness about GDM
and Its Management for general population

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What is GDM?

Glucose intolerance during regnancy is known as gestational diabetes

Preventive Measure

Learn about the important aspects of GDM management and how to monitor it in order to avoid complications.


From diagnosis to preventing complications, the essential bits on how to manage a balanced lifestyle with GDM.


Learn all about the nutritional needs of a gestational woman with diet options, meal prep and more.

About GDM

Get to know the basic & how to manage GDM during and after pregnancy.

Diet & Action

During GDM, a healthy diet and being physically active can help in managing the glucose level.

Diagonsis & Prevention

Learn how GDM can be diagnosed effectively in time and options for its prevention

LifeStyle With GDM

Diet, exercise and medication are the keys to management of GDM in your lifestyle.


Learn about medication usage, available option and its effects to control GDM.

Further Reading

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